Food You Should Be Eating To Own Longer Hair

Owning long hair is any woman’s dream. While it might be tough maintaining it, the joy of owning long mane cannot be easily explained. However, with the usual problem of mane fall, dandruff and many other issues, most women tend to have shorter mane than what they expect. And with many tried and failed attempts of DIY mane masks, most women tend to give up on this dream once and for all. However, what you need to realize is that simply doing other additional masks and treatments aren’t going to work. You need to have the right food as well. So here are some foods you should be including in your diet to achieve the dream of owning longer mane.


Fish like salmon and mackerel have omega 3 fatty acids. These acids that are anti-inflammatory, helps the body in reducing effects of inflammation causing hair loss. It also keeps you fit and healthy while improving your hair growth process giving you long and voluminous hair over time. In addition to keratin hair treatment you may be undergoing, it would be beneficial to include such foods as a part of your diet, to enable the hair growth process, better.


Although some might not exactly like this sort of leafy diet, it is essential that you do include spinach as a part of the many salads you might be eating. Including this leaf as a part of your diet would be mean that you are increasing the intake of iron, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium all of which greatly contributes to increase mane growth by reducing the possible deficiencies your body might be having. So the next time you visit the best hairdresser he or she might have a lot of positives to tell you about your luxurious mane!


Although we wouldn’t have though it to be possible but this spice too increases your chances of having longer mane. Include it in to your diet and watch it make your mane grow longer by increasing the circulation process that allows oxygen to flow better towards your mane follicles.


I bet you did know that oats were good, but just didn’t like it enough to include it as a part of your diet. But now that you know it helps in your hair growth process by providing your body with zinc, iron, fiber and other healthy nourishments to aid hair growth, you should now be including it as a part of your diet from today!