Just Add Boobs

If a man can find a way he will and they have done it again they have found a way for a man to have a cut throat shave in Melbourne and be able to appreciate a pair of bare bosoms into the bargain. He can either get the topless girl to use the straight razor and get his face all nice and smooth or have a barber do the shave and the girl comes after, while the customer sits back in a comfy chair the female will massage the scalp, give a nice hair wash and condition and blow dry and then you can have some cologne sprayed on or a breath mint, all designed to make you feel very special and I would imagine ready to perform at your best.

I can see the advantages of having a pair of nice boobs on display, certainly takes the attention away from having a great bloody bare blade at your throat, you can keep your eyes on the nipples and forget that death is a mere hand tremor away. As to having the girl do the shave I would have to say, if you can keep your hands to yourself then go for it but if you think it might be more than your self-control can handle to have some breasts dangling near your face and not touch or lick them then proceed with caution. You don’t want to piss off the girl with the straight razor, that is just asking for trouble and you might want to have your life insurance made out before you attempt that little trick.

How a man is supposed to keep his composure whilst free swinging boobies are knocking around his ears is a bit beyond normal comprehension, some men may find the whole experience a bit blasé and have no real trouble at all but there are bound to be one or two who get a little excited by a boob in the face or near their mouth and this is bound to happen at one point or another, as women we don’t take notice of where they are every second of the day, we know they are on our chest but when we are leaning over we are not automatically checking that that they are not in some inappropriate place.

Especially if you have rather large boosies then it can be quite difficult to keep them contained and doing as they should be, false ones not so much they tend to stay in the one place but natural breasts have a mind of their own and can be up the side of someone’s head before you realise what you are doing. When it comes to haircuts melbourne in CBD, you are leaning over and the man has his head tilted back, wouldn’t take much for a breast to be leaning on a guy’s forehead and like he is going to say anything about it, nope he is just going to smile up at you until you realise what is going on.