Know About Eyebrow Tattooing

Most of us are well acquainted with shaping eyebrows. After the plucking we choose to make it perfect with gels and pencils. But have you ever heard of Microblading? There are many people out there who have less idea about this process. It is a type of tattoo. No, we are not going to talk about those body arts, but about a kind of tattoo that is used for making your brows perfect. With each passing day, this process is gaining popularity. One who wants to go through this process should learn about it as it is related to our face, the most noticeable part of our body.


Microblading or eyebrow tattoo is semi permanent technique. It creates hair like strokes in order to fill the thinning or sparse brow. This is basically aimed at effortless eyebrows. Once you go through this procedure, you need no help from the brow pencil and gel. But one thing to consider is that Microblading requires investment. Then there is after-treatment to get your brows healed. So, it is better to know about the process before deciding anything.

Not a permanent process:

It is nothing like a permanent body art. Eyebrow feathering is more superficial than body art tattoo. The inks used in this process are definitely degradable. With time, the ink will fade away. The ink will be pushed out and some will be digested by the immune system. The time span is one to three years. Yearly or biyearly touch ups is necessary. It also depends on the type of the skin that how long the pigment will be there. It has also a benefit. You may not like the result or you may decide to change the style depending on the changing shape of face. So, it will never be a problem to get your brows done again.

Two sessions:

A, average person needs two sessions for the procedure. Once the first session is done, the brows will look darker. After some days, the pigment will get lighter. The imperfections will just show up. There may be some need of a correction. In fact in some cases, the lighter pigment cannot match the results you wanted. So after four weeks, clients need to go for a correction or touch up for perfection.