Plastic Surgery; An Essential?

The definition of beauty has changed with the passage of years. People are now trained to believe that beauty is all about perfection; having the perfect complexion, nose, hair, size, lips and so on. A high and constant pressure on individuals to attain these false standards of beauty have led us to desperate and dangerous choices; choices never thought of before. Plastic surgery is now in trend if you feel like any part of your body isn’t how you would like it to be. Nowadays, it is as popular as every other essential but is it as essential as every other essential? Though plastic surgery has its long list of benefits, the side effects it threatens to bring cannot be ignored. So what are the disadvantages of plastic surgery that questions its existence as being an essential?

Medical Threats

Plastic surgery is no risk-free procedure. It opens pathways for unsuccessful surgeries which may even be fatal. Plastic surgeries have also caused extensive bleeding, infections, nerve damage which will lead to numbness, pneumonia and tissue death. Blood clots and hermotoma add to the very long list of medical complications based on plastic surgery.

Costs an arm and a leg

Plastic surgery not only has its perpetual list of medical complications but also costs much more than what you’d expect at beauty salons in Rockhampton. According to research the average cost of most plastic surgeries lie well above $6000. Taking into account the complications and uncertainty of a successful surgery, it seems pretty unwise to spend so much on something that has fewer advantages than disadvantages. In addition to this, it is limited to those belonging to the world of riches. Thus if an individual who is financially unstable does it, he will find himself sitting on a pile of debts, just to please society.

Change is permanent

Unlike most cosmetic adjustments, plastic surgery brings about a permanent change. This comes off as a massive disadvantage if your taste changes in the future and you come to realize that you dislike the permanent change you made, or simply if the trend wears off. There are always many other temporary alternatives that you can use to bring about a similar effect. For instance, eyebrow feather cosmetic tattoo can always be used instead of changing the shape of your eyebrows through plastic surgery. In conclusion, plastic surgery has been portrayed to be the “easiest way” to fit into society’s standards of beauty, causing people to go to any extent just to fit in, oblivious to the detrimental side effects it carries along with it. Beauty is purely subjective and is not confined to what people perceive it to be. With this in mind, think more than just twice if you ever plan on considering plastic surgery to beautify yourself.